Outline of Showa Denko

The Showa Denko Group is a group of chemical companies that produce individualized products in various fields including petrochemicals, chemicals, inorganics, aluminum, and electronics.

Our Slogan
"Shaping Ideas"
Let us bring your ideas, hopes and dreams happy endings.

The Showa Denko Group adopted "Shaping Ideas" as its slogan under inflexible determination that the entire staff must realize as many ideas, hopes, and dreams of people as possible with the power of chemistry.

Our Vision

Net Sales 2017

Performance Trends


*As of December 31, 2017

The Showa Denko Group has 10,864 employees, including 1,920 female employees.


History of the SHOWA DENKO Group

The Showa Denko Group started its operations by focusing on the future possibilities of the electrochemical industry, which utilized one of Japan's important resources: abundant water energy.

We aim to contribute to the realization of society where affluence and sustainability are harmonized.

Business & Products


We will realize dreams for the future with Power of chemistry × Power of technology

We develop individualized product groups that realizes your dreams by utilizing our unique ideas and reliable technologies that make the most of the potential of chemistry.


The Petrochemicals segment provides basic petrochemicals such as ethylene and propylene, organic chemicals derived from them including acetyls and allyl alcohol, and synthetic resins.

[Petrochemicals Segment's sales]:251.1billion yen(Share in sales:30%)

Ethylene, Polypropylene


The Chemicals segment provides industrial gases and chemicals, high-performance chemicals, elastomers, high-purity gases and chemicals for the semiconductor industry, and resin composites.

[Chemicals Segment's sales]:148.8billion yen(Share in sales:18%)

High-purity gases for electronics, Unsaturated polyester resin molding compound(BMC)


The Electronics segment provides high-performance HD media, compound semiconductors such as ultra-bright LEDs , rare earth magnetic alloys for high-performance motors, and lithium-ion battery materials.

[Electronics Segment's sales]:123.1billion yen(Share in sales:15%)

Hard disks, Lithium-ion battery materials


The Inorganics segment provides ceramics products such as abrasives, refractories, and carbon products such as graphite electrodes for electric steelmaking furnaces.

[Inorganics Segment's sales]:73.4billion yen(Share in sales:9%)

Graphite electrodes, SUPER-TITANIA(TM) high-purity titanium oxide


The Aluminum segment provides aluminum materials such as rolled products, extrusions, and forged products, and high-value-added aluminum products such as heat exchangers, and aluminum cans for beverages.

[Aluminum Segment's sales]:105.4billion yen(Share in sales:12%)

Aluminum cans, Continuously-cast aluminum rods and their forgings (SHOTIC)


The Others segment sells chemicals, resins, metals, and electronic materials, and provides building materials.

[Others Segment's sales]:133.6billion yen(Share in sales:16%)

E-POLE(lighting system), Sound-insulating fireproof dual-layer pipe

Mobile phones, Smart phones

Lithium-ion battery materials (Anode materials, Carbon nanofibers, Aluminum laminate film), Rare-earth magnetic alloys, Heat-resistant transparent film

Solar power panels

SiC epitaxial wafers, High-purity gasses for semiconductor processing

Beverage-related products

Aluminum cans, Carbon dioxide

Tap water

Sodium hypochlorite (antimicrobial)

Motor bicycle

Vinyl ester resins (helmets), Forged aluminum products

Personal computers

Hard disk media, High-purity gasses and chemicals for semiconductor processing, Abrasives for semiconductors

Showa Denko's Advantages

Wide-ranging technologies, products, and businesses

Starting from electrochemistry, the Showa Denko Group expanded the scope of its technologies to cover inorganic and organic chemistry, and metal materials. Through the use of these technologies, the Group now supplies materials and components to the information communication and automobile industries, and also provides various products that are indispensable to people's lives.

In addition to these, we produce various products with our original technologies.
Products derived from electrochemistry have limitless potential.

Showa Denko's "Only one"/"No.1" products

The Showa Denko Group pioneered in commercial production of aluminum in Japan, and also produced ammonium sulfate fertilizer with home-grown method for the first time in Japan. Thus the Showa Denko Group has been providing society with useful products as a pioneering company since its foundation. We will continue contributing to the sound growth of society as an individualized company that create "Only one" and "No. 1" products and technologies.

High-purity gases for electronics

No.1 share in the world

These gases are used for etching, cleaning and membrane formulating processes in production of semiconductors and LCDs.

Graphite electrodes

Our high-quality large-diameter electrodes occupy No.1 share in the world

Graphite electrodes are used in electric steelmaking furnaces to melt scrap steel, and contribute to recycling of steel.

High-purity aluminum foil for capacitors

No.1 share in the world

This aluminum foil is used to produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors to be used in cars and power plants.

Ultra-bright LED

No.1 brightness in the world

We produce our proprietary red LED chips that emit 660nm wavelength light which is optimum for plant-growth at the top brightness in the world.

Carbon nanofibers(VGCF™)

The first commercialization in the world

VGCF is an additive to anodes of lithium ion batteries. It improves charge and discharge performance, life and capacities of LIBs.

Ethyl acetate

In-house developed production technology unique in the world

We produce various petrochemical products which are used as printing ink for food packages, solvents for paints, etc., with our original technologies.

Intellectual property strategy

We position the intellectual property strategy as one of our crucial management strategies. We make every effort to secure our superiority based on intellectual property rights, especially in the principal businesses and newly developed important products by establishing patent networks.

Showa Denko received "The Clarivate Analytics 2017 Top 100 Global Innovators" award which commends global top 100 innovation-leading companies and organizations.

Overseas Operation

Overseas bases 43bases

*as of December 2017

CSR Activities

Environmental efforts

Our ammonia production process was certified by Eco Mark, first in the world

Eco Mark

Eco Mark certified
Process to produce ammonia through recycling of plastic containers
Kawasaki Plant, Showa Denko

Proprietary process to produce liquefied ammonia

On July 17, 2015, SDK's proprietary process to produce liquefied ammonia was accredited by Japan Environment Association, which sponsors the "Eco Mark Program" to praise environment friendly products/processes, to be eligible for Eco Mark, as the first case of production process in the world.

Aluminum can recycling activity

Since 2001, the Showa Denko Group and its cooperative companies have been promoting aluminum can recycling activity with the participation of their employees.

Medium-Term Business Plan


SDK will aim to solidify the revenue bases of its diversified businesses, expand its individualized businesses, and make the Showa Denko Group become a corporate group that continuously leads the market under fierce global competition.

Basic strategy

In the global market, SDK will expand its "individualized businesses" which maintain high-level profitability and stability. We will enhance our capability to resist market fluctuations and raise our corporate value by providing customers with attractive products and services and holding many businesses that have top shares in the competitive markets of global or certain scale.

Image of the Showa Denko Group for 2025

As in the target image of the Showa Denko Group for 2025, we will aim to increase shares of our individualized businesses in net sales from 30% to 50%, and also increase shares of overseas sales in net sales from 40% to 60%, in order to reduce the range of fluctuation in our profitability.

Aiming to make individualized businesses occupy 50% of net sales

Aiming to make overseas sales occupy 60% of net sales

Improve profitability, Expand individualized businesses, Stabilize income

Business portfolio

For the five year period from 2016 to 2020, we set four business categories in our business portfolio, and define missions for each business category in order to strengthen our existing businesses. We will further strengthen earning power of our existing businesses by reforming business models, and also promote M&A and business alliances, aiming to introduce new growth businesses from outside entities. In addition, aiming to promote globalization of our business activities and expand our "individualized businesses" further, we will implement strategic capital investment in growing Asian/ASEAN market, and also pursue growth opportunities in developed countries in Europe and North America.

2020Image of numerical targets for 2020

Net sales: 930billion yen

Operating income: 70billion yen

R&D strategy

During the three year period from 2016 to 2018, we will invest 60 billion in our R&D activities. Thus we will intensively input our business resources into R&D activities related to strengthening of our core businesses and expansion of businesses in their surrounding fields. We will also promote utilization of open innovation and M&A, aiming to create next-generation business themes that lead to the prosperity of the Showa Denko Group in the future.