Union Showa K.K.

Union Showa K.K.

Profile (as of Jan. 5, 2015)

Company Name Union Showa K.K.
Head office 8-40,Konan 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0075, JAPAN
TEL : 81-3-5495-7031 (Administration Dept.)
FAX : 81-3-5495-7051
Founded May 1970
President Shunji Fukuda
Closing Date December 31
Capital ¥ 250 Million
Major stockholders
Showa Denko K.K. 50%
UOP LLC* 50%
* through Honeywell North Atlantic Holdings Ltd.
Management Team
President & CEO Shunji Fukuda
Senior Vice President Yorihisa Iida
Managing Director Hiroshi Tanikawa
Manager, Administration Dept.
Director Hiromitsu Nojima
Manager, Yokkaichi Plant
Director Shuichi Sugita
New Market Development Dpt.
Absentee Director Keiichi Kamiguchi
Absentee Director R. Gautam
Absentee Director M. Preston
Absentee Director M. T. Millard
Absentee Director M. Rands
Absentee Auditor Yuji Ito
Absentee Auditor Chise Masui
Major Product/Service Production and sales of Molecular Sieves
Sales of High Silica Zeolite
Sales of Activated Alumina and Versal Alumina
Sales office in Japan Union Showa K.K. Head Office
8-40,Konan 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0075
TEL : 81-3-5495-7031
Operation Site in Japan

Yokkaichi Plant
3-27, Hinaga-higashi 3-chome Yokkaichi Mie 510-0886
TEL : 81-59-345-1480
Major product/service : Production of Molecular Sieve
Employee : 40
Total site area : 13,224m2



Company History

1970May Union Showa K.K. was founded as a joint venture between Showa Denko K.K. and *Union Carbide of United States. The Company built a plant in Yokkaichi Mie-Pre and began the production of Molecular Sieves, making use of technology introduced from *Union Carbide Corporation.
1974Dec The Company was merged with Showa Unox, a member of the same financial group engaged in the environmental improvement business. The corporate name was changed to Showa Unox.
1980Mar The merger relationship was dissolved, and the company restored its original business category and original company name.
1988Aug *Union Carbide, parent company on the U.S. side, founded UOP in cooperation with **Allied Signal Inc., and handed over its catalyst, adsorbent and processing system business, including the Molecular Sieves business, to the new Company.

As a result, Union Showa is currently carrying out the Adsorbent and Molecular Sieves business as a member of UOP Group.
*Union Carbide = Dow Chemical (present company)
**Allied Signal = Honeywell (present company)