Promotion of CSR procurement

"Showa Denko Group's CSR procurement guidelines"

Outline of the guidelines

  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate ethics and compliance
  • Product quality and safety
  • fair trade
  • environmental protection
  • safety and hygiene at workplace
  • human rights and labor
  • information security
  • contribution to society

Ways of promoting CSR procurement

The purpose of our CSR procurement is to increase the corporate value of both parties through mutual observance of the guidelines.  It consists of three main pillars of self-check, CSR visits, and follow-up.

  • 1 Self-check: We will send you a self-check sheet.  Please check your CSR-related status based on Showa Denko Group’s CSR procurement guidelines. After  filling in the sheet, please send it back to us.  Then we will review your answers and give a feedback to you.
  • 2 CSR visits: A CSR visit will be made in parallel with your self-check.  Our purchasing staff members will visit our partners, who are important for the continuation of production activities on both sides.  A self-check sheet will also be used, and the situation of observance of the guidelines will be confirmed through dialogue.  The visits will be made continually.  We will aim to have as much dialogue as possible with our partners.
  • 3 Follow-up: When we find the need for check or improvement on the part of a partner as a result of self-check and CSR visits, we will work with the partner for  improvement.

Scope of application

The system described above will apply to all articles and services to be purchased, in principle.

Procurement of eco-friendly goods

Eco-friendly goods will be purchased as part of CSR procurement.  Business divisions in charge will decide on the details of items to be surveyed.

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