We contribute toward creating a society where affluence and sustainability are harmonized

Global environment
Energy/Natural resources
Security, safety and stable supply of foods
Health care
Advanced information-oriented society

We are now facing various social issues, including the global environment, medical care and problems with food. In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society, the Showa Denko Group has been taking actions to solve such issues through our business. Aiming to “contribute toward creating a society where affluence and sustainability are harmonized,” our entire group will continue to take actions in the future.

Global environment

Along with the development and expansion of society, the problems surrounding the global environment, such as climate change, biodiversity and pollution, are intensifying. The Showa Denko Group has been taking measures towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings, recycling, etc.

Environmentally-friendly ammonia ”ECOANN™”Environmentally-friendly ammonia ”ECOANN™”
ECOANN™ which utilized used plastics as a portion of the raw materials
PFC (Greenhouse gas) treatment equipmentPFC (Greenhouse gas) treatment equipment
Clean S™ which decomposes PFC
Perlite for soil improvementPerlite for soil improvement
Lightweight soil improvement material for tree planting excellent in drainage and permeability
Demand for NPA, which is used as a solvent for special gravure printing ink, has been increasing as an environment-friendly substitute for the currently popular toluene.

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Energy/Natural resources

The exhaustion of natural resources including petroleum due to the increase in global energy demand is a matter of concern. The Showa Denko Group has been developing products which contribute to energy saving and conservation of natural resources.

Rare earth magnet alloysRare earth magnet alloys
Motors and generators which use rare earth magnets are highly efficient and contribute to energy savings
Power semiconductor SiCPower semiconductor SiC
Power semiconductors with SiC contribute to the miniaturization of devices, and energy savings
Graphite electrodesGraphite electrodes
Used for electric furnaces which melt iron scrap, and contribute to the recycling of iron
Advanced battery materials (for LIB and fuel cells)Advanced battery materials (for LIB and fuel cells)
Supply the components of lithium ion batteries (SCMG™, VGCF™) and fuel cells

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Security, safety and stable supply of foods

While the demand for grains is increasing due to the increase in global population, securing the stable supply and safety of food resources have become issues. The Showa Denko Group has been contributing to the solutions of these issues.

Components for plant factories (LED, etc.)Components for plant factories (LED, etc.)
Jointly developed the LED irradiation method “Shigyo Method™” ideal for plant factories
Disinfectant for drinking water (sodium hypochlorite, chlorine)Disinfectant for drinking water (sodium hypochlorite, chlorine)
Supply sodium hypochlorite (Jiax™) and chlorine
Carbon dioxide gas related products (dry ice, etc.)Carbon dioxide gas related products (dry ice, etc.)
Supply dry ice for cold packaging and carbonic acid gas for carbonated drinks
Food containers and packaging materials (aluminum beverage cans, etc.)Food containers and packaging materials (aluminum beverage cans, etc.)
Aluminum cap seals, almic cans, aluminum cans, zipper polyethylene bags, nitrogen, etc.

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Health care

There are various issues concerning health care, from nursing care problems, prevention of lifestyle related diseases, to health and beauty issues in daily life. The Showa Denko Group has been supporting the affluent and healthy life of people with the power of chemistry.

Hydrophilic polymersHydrophilic polymers
Sodium polyacrylate (VISCOMATE™) used as the base raw material for poultice, etc.
Medical application gases (oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc.)Medical application gases (oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc.)
Supply oxygen and sterilization gas (NONBACT)
Cosmetic materials (vitamin C derivatives, etc.)
Vitamins C and E derivatives which improved the permeability to the skin. Also effective for skin enhancement.
Bed Sensor for Care
Easy to Install under Bed, Foresees Bed Leaving and Useful for Preventing Fall

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Advanced information-oriented society

In the electronics industry, further improvement in the convenience and comfortability of products through higher definition, higher speed, higher capacity and more miniaturization has been demanded. The Showa Denko Group has been supporting the foundations of advanced information- oriented society with frontier technology.

Hard disksHard disks
Renowned world class technology and production capacity
Electronic material gasesElectronic material gases
Gases for semiconductor etching and cleaning
Soldering masksSolder masks
Used when creating circuit patterns on printed circuit boards
Titanium oxide for ceramic capacitorsTitanium oxide for ceramic capacitors
Super-Titania™ conforms to extensive needs including materials for the capacitors of personal computers

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