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Corporate Ethics and Compliance


Compliance with social justice and corporate ethics

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We established and faithfully implement Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide, which stipulates action guidelines for each employee to fulfill their responsibility as a member of our Group and contribute to sustainable development of international society.


CSR plans and achievements for 2015

Basic policies

The Showa Denko Group positions "compliance with social justice and corporate ethics" as the top management priority and operates the company based on compliance. As fundamental mechanisms to promote and establish compliance on a group-wide basis, the Human Rights/Corporate Ethics Promotion Council is established under the CSR Committee chaired by the president while a chief risk officer (CRO) in charge of risk and compliance management across the Group is appointed.
We also set January every year as Corporate Ethics Month, in which we ensure that corporate ethics becomes more deeply ingrained in the corporate culture by checking whether compliance standards are met throughout the Group as well as by providing employees with training organized by the administrative departments.
Furthermore, in addition to recurrence prevention measures and the proper punishment for compliance violations, there is a framework in place to prevent or find and properly address problems at an early stage through an internal check system and inside denunciation system.

Activities in 2015

Corporate Ethics Month

The Showa Denko Group has set January every year as Corporate Ethics Month since 2004.
As in the previous years, in the 2016 Corporate Ethics Month, we organized group discussions using Our Code of Conduct and Its
Practical Guide in each workplace, including Group companies outside Japan, and ensured that all executives and managers signed
and submitted, respectively, “The Oath of Office” and “The Oath of Compliance with Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide.”
Furthermore, this year again, we implemented e-learning on corporate ethics and compliance targeting managers. This e-learning
program is mandatory for those who have been promoted.

Corporate Ethics Hotline

Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical GuideOur Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide

A "Corporate Ethics Hotline" has been established for group employees in Japan to prevent, or correct at an early stage, matters
that conflict with various rules such as laws and internal regulations as well as violations of corporate ethics. We have also been reinforcing our system for preventing power harassment and sexual harassment to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
In 2015, we received 46 reports, each of which we responded to appropriately and provided follow-up on how the matter was
handled to each whistleblower. By dealing with every report in this way, as well as by regularly reminding employees of the availability of these services and how to use them, we worked hard to enhance employee access to the services.In addition, four of our overseas Group companies have designated person to contact for inside denunciation. We will continue strengthening these efforts.

Number of requests for consultation received by the Corporate Ethics Hotline (Include anonymity)
32 41 44 46