Information Disclosure and IR

Basic policies

Showa Denko believes disclosure and investor relations play vital roles in deepening shareholder and investor understanding of our approach to various issues, including corporate management, business activities, and strategy, helping these stakeholders accurately assess our corporate value. Our information disclosure measures are based on the following policies:

■ Outline of the basic policies:
  1. 1.We seek to communicate proactively with shareholders and investors and to improve management transparency.
  2. 2.We strive to disclose information concerning Showa Denko in a clear, fair, timely, and accurate manner to deepen understanding of and trust in our company.

Activities in 2016

We communicated with shareholders and investors through various means as explained below.

Shareholder meetings

Showa Denko mailed out about three weeks before the meeting, we also published all the necessary details on our website to ensure shareholders had sufficient time to consider the agenda items. In order for more shareholders to exercise their voting rights, we enabled the shareholders who were not able to attend the meeting to exercise their votes by means of mail or the Internet.
During the meeting, we explained the business outlook and the Medium-term Business Plan and answered questions from shareholders in as clear and intelligible manner as possible.
We also provided a display space to introduce some of the Group’s products and technologies.

Communicating with institutional investors and shareholder

For institutional investors and securities analysts in Japan, in addition to meeting them individually upon request, we also held briefings and online conferences to explain financial results as well as meetings to keep them updated on the progress of the business plan and main businesses. In December 2016 we reported on the progress made under the medium-term business plan, “Project 2020+,” and actively contacted institutional investors and securities analysts both in and outside Japan to explain the details.
For institutional investors and shareholders outside Japan, financial results reports and other materials prepared in English were provided, while the president and/or CFO visited Europe, North America, and Asia several times during the year to explain in person the financial results and the business plan.
For individual investors, we participated in events organized for individual investors, as part of which we held seminars on our businesses and business plan and exhibited our products.

We issue "Report to Shareholders" twice a year, in March and September. This report mainly targets individual shareholders and provides an overview of each business segment as well as introduction to business topics.

Provision of IR information through our website

We kept shareholders and investors informed about pertinent information via our IR site, where we provide financial results as well as details of business activities and systems, including the corporate governance system.
The information provided on the IR website includes press releases, financial results summaries, and other materials disclosed in a timely manner. We also began emailing IR news, including news releases and online updates, to those who have subscribed for the service.
Further, in response to an increase in the amount of traffic our website gets from tablets, smartphones, and other devices, we created an online version of our English-language annual report and adopted responsive design for our frequently accessed website for retail investors in order to display information in a format suitable for the accessing terminal.

We also worked to ensure that investors outside Japan would be kept updated on our business via the English IR website by posting important information such as financial results simultaneously in Japanese and English and providing roughly the same content in the two languages.

TOPICSRecognition of our IR activities

Showa Denko was rated highly in the selection of Awards for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure by securities analysts of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan. Moreover, our IR site was named an excellent website by Nikko Investor Relations in its Website Quality Ranking and received the Internet IR Commendation Award from Daiwa Investor Relations and the bronze prize in the Gomez IR Site Ranking from Morningstar.

ESG indexes adopting Showa Denko

ESG indexes adopting Showa Denko

2017 Constituent
MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index

2017 Constituent
MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index(WIN)

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