Participation in Community Activities

Basic policies

The Showa Denko Group conducts a variety of unique activities to interact with local residents and make contributions to their communities, including providing classes-on-demand on chemistry and the environment, conducting environmental conservation activities jointly with local residents, and recycling aluminum cans.

Results of our local and social contribution activities

■ 2017 Results of our local and social contribution activities
Details of the activitiesResults
Education Dispatched employees as instructors 30 cases; Dispatched 768 man-hours
Accepted interns. 31 events implemented; Accepted 66 interns.
Improvement of the environment around the worksites Cleaning activities 83 cases; Conducted for 5,215 hours in total.
Promotion of arts, culture and sports Cooperation for and granting subsidies to arts, culture and sports Spent 9,324,000 yen.
Exchange with local communities Holding events 6,848 residents participated.
Facilities rented Rented for 14,557 hours in total.
Offering guided plant tours 6,697 residents visited plants.
Community development and social welfare Harmonizing with local economy Spent 2,132,000 yen.
Aluminum can recycling activities 1,343,000 yen
Collaborating with NPOs and local organizations Spent 392,000 yen.

TOPIC  Class-on-demand


Class-on-demand (Nov.2017. Chichibu Plant, Showa Denko K.K.)

The Showa Denko Group’s bases provide local children with classes on demand and hands-on experiment  emonstrations as well as hosting interns.
Employees of the Chichibu Plant of Showa Denko K.K. visited a local elementary school in November 2017 to provide third-graders with a class on demand.
The employees introduced Showa Denko and the products manufactured by the Chichibu Plant, and explained how the company’s products were used in daily life in an easy-to-understand manner. The children then participated in an experiment in which the Plant’s products were used.

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