Information Disclosure Policy

Showa Denko’s Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

1. Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Showa Denko regards investor relations (IR) activities as activities to enable shareholders and investors to understand the Company’s corporate management, activities, and strategies and to evaluate the Company’s corporate value appropriately. Therefore, the Company shall

  1. 1)actively hold dialog with shareholders and investors and increase the transparency of management, and
  2. 2)disclose the Company’s corporate information in an easy-to-understand, fair, timely, and accurate manner in order to increase understanding and trust towards the Company.

2. Standards for information disclosure

The Company shall observe the relevant laws and regulations including Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. The Company shall conduct disclosure of important information including corporate decisions and occurrence of material facts which might affect investors’ decisions, and information concerning financial results, based on “Timely Disclosure Regulations” stipulated by Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company shall also positively disclose information which the Company considers useful for shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in understanding the situation of the Company through news releases, which the Company shall also publicize via its corporate website.


3. Manner of information disclosure

The Company shall post Timely Disclosure Information as specified in the Timely Disclosure Regulations on the TDnet, which is hosted by Tokyo Stock Exchange, disseminate it to news media by distributing news releases at press clubs, and publicize it via the Company’s corporate website as soon as possible.


Internal Management Structure for Company Information Disclosure


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