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Outline of PNVA™ GE191
PNVA™ GE191 is a homopolymer of N-Vinylacetamide (NVA monomer™). Because it has a straight chain structure, larger molecules have stringiness.

Structure of PNVA™ GE191

Characteristics of GE191
PNVA™ GE191 has the following features:

  • 1. Stable thickening property in a wide range of pH
  • 2. Able to thicken polar organic solvents
  • 3. Able to thicken high salt concentration solutions
  • 4. Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • 5. Water soluble
  • 6. Viscous and adhesive
  • 7. Resistant to heat


Categories of GE191 series
PNVA™ GE191 series has two categories; powder (GE191-000, GP191-405) and liquid(GE191-053 through  GP191-108)

Table 1. Powder grade (GE191-000, GP191-405)

  GE191-000 GP191-405
Apperance white or whitish powder
Water Content 5wt% or less
Viscisity Approx. 10mPa・s
(2% aquwous solution)
Approx.100 -300mPa・s
(10wt% aqueous solution)
pH 7 to 10 (temperature deg. C)

Table 2. Liquid grades (GE191-053 through 408)

Apperance  Clear pale yellow viscous liquid
Polymer concentration  Approx. 5wt% to 13wt%
Viscosity  Approx. 100 to 20,000 mPa・s
       (B-type rotational viscometer, 20 deg.C.)
pH(-)  7 - 10 (temperature 20 deg.C)

Properties of GE191 (Liquid grade)
The following table shows properties of PNVA™ GE191 liquid product line. Descending order ofmolecular mass

GE191-053 > GE191-103 > GE191-104 > GE191-107 > GE191-108

Product Grade Appearancce Pilymer concentration Viscocity(mPa・s)
GE-191-053 Syrup-like aqueous solution Approx.   5wt% 8,000~15,000
GE-191-103 Syrup-like aqueous solution Approx. 10wt% 14,000~20,000
GE-191-104 Aqueous solution Approx. 13wt% 1,500~3,000
GE-191-107 Aqueous solution Approx. 10wt% 100~400
GE-191-108 Aqueous solution Approx. 10wt% 100~200

Grade number description: GE191-**@
** is solid content concentration.
@ is a branch number to identify viscosity. The larger the number, the lower the as-is viscosity.

Physical properties of GE191

  • 1.Thickening of water
  • 2.Thickening of polar organic solvent
  • 3.Thickening of salt solution
  • 4.Temporal stability
  • 5.Flow characteristics

Please note that no PNVA samlpes will be provided for applications where the product is ingested or absorbed into the human body; for example, food additives or internal medicine.

Carefully read MSDS(material safety data sheet) issued by SHOWA DENKO K.K. before handling or storing.

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white solid

Cautions for storage

A cool, dark place storage in the dry state in a sealed container



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