Rigolac ™

Product Data


Application Grade Viscosity Characteristics Use
at 25)
Hand lay-up
156BQT-EX 3 Orthophtharic Type Export Type
258BQTN-EX 5 Isophtharic Type Export Type
158BQT 4 Good workability General Type
RV-158BQT 4 Low smell, Good defoaming General Type
LV-158BQT 4 Low smell General Type
TR-254-LVK 4 Low smell Bathtub
258BQTN 4 Corrosion Tank for food
157BQT 4 Good workability Fishing Boat 
259BQT 4 High strength Vessel
Watertight 50FBT 6 Good workability Watertight
FKS-4500B 4
Chemical corrosion LP-1CT-EX 13 Bisphenoric Type Export Type
LP-1Q-EX 5
H-200B 5 Ozone corrosion FRP, Lining
H-297 5 Chrome corrosion, Flame retardant FRP
LP-1BQ 4 Corrosion for Acid and Alkali Corrosion Tank
150HRBQTN 4 Corrosion for heat and acid Tank, Pipe
Flame retardant 157BQTN-FR-EX 3.5 Hand lay-up Export Type
357BQTN-FR-EX Hand lay-up, UL-94 V-0
357BQTN-FR 4 Heat resistance,
High strength
General Type
158BQTN-FR-K 4 Flame retardant General Type
157BQTN-FR-K 4 Flame retardant Vessel
Gel coat G-20T-EX 2.5 Resistance for weather and water Export Type
G-20T 23 Resistance for weather and water Boat, Chair
YG-2X 26 Painting by brush General Type
Molding M-10BN-EX 6 Measurement stability Export Type
M-10BN 6 Measurement stability Center or Backing
EL-500BQTN 4 Good smooth surface Center or Backing
Low shrinkage Agent M-5590-2K 65 Good water resistance and coloring SMC, BMC
M-5585K 7
Adhesive AC-605P 8 None styrene Styrofoam
AD-12 450 None solvent Adhesive for FRP
Cast molding 2004WMB 5 Good clearness General Type
W-1005BQ 1 Water include type Foaming
Artificial marble stone 3160B 17 Good clearness and light-colored Counter
Resin concrete 3519BQ 2 Low shrinkage resin General Type

Q: Quick curing type
T: Thixotropic type
B: Including promoter
N: Non air drying type
HR: High temperature resistance
FR: Flame retardant

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