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Aluminum ProductsSHOTIC Aluminum alloy forging 
Continuous cast rod (SHOTIC ™)continuously cast rods of aluminum alloy

Business Overview

Due to the growing demands for the environmental protection and lightening of automobiles and other means of transportation, aluminum has become a material of ever-increasing importance.

We have filled the needs through its development, production, and sales from raw materials -- continuously cast rods and extruded stock -- to forging, utilizing its global network consisting of four production sites in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Main product line

  • Various types of continuously cast rods of aluminum alloys and the blanks.
  • Various types of extruded stock of aluminum alloys as well as the blanks.
  • Extruded stock of powdered aluminum alloys (SHORIK®)
  • Aluminum-alloy forging fabricated by hot and cold forging processes.

Applications of products

Components of air conditioner compressors for automobiles (swashplate, piston, scroll, rotor, wabble plate); receiver-drier components of air conditioner for automobiles (cap and body); internal combustion engine pistons for automobiles, motorcycles, and outboard motorboats; pressure pumps of automobile fuel injectors; brake parts; automobile suspension parts; bicycle parts; equipment for leisure time amusement (tent poles); etc.

Forging stock of aluminum alloys

Forging stock of aluminum alloys


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