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sectorproduct groupproduct namegeneric name
Aluminum ProductsAlloy forgingSHORIKextruded material of aluminum powdered alloy
Functional MaterialsHPLC columns and instrumentsShodex HPLC instrumentsInstruments for high performance liquid chromatography
Ceramics ProductsAluminium hydroxideHIGILITE(Fine and extra-fine particle)Fine particle and extra-fine particle HIGILITE
Aluminum ProductsAlloy forgingextrusion bars of aluminum alloy
Aluminum ProductsExtrusions Productsextrusion and drawing process
Petrochemical Chemical ElastomerElaslen (Chlorinated Polyethylene)Chlorinated Polyethylene
Petrochemical Chemical Basic petorochemicals/chemicalsECOANNliquid ammonia
Ceramics ProductsAluminaalumina(Fine and extra-fine particle)Fine and extra-fine particle size alumina

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