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sectorproduct groupproduct namegeneric name
Ceramics ProductsFiller for electoronic materialsThermal Conductive fillers Lineup
Functional MaterialsHPLC columns and instrumentsShodex HPLC columnsColumns for high performance liquid chromatography
Functional MaterialsA pharmaceutical (for external use) raw material, cosmetic raw materialMethyl hesperidinMethyl hesperidin
ElectronicsElectronic material gaseshydrogen bromide
Aluminum ProductsAluminum sheets High purity aluminum various products
Ceramics ProductsFiller for electoronic materialsHexagonal Boron Nitride Powder SHOBNfine ceramics materials
ElectronicsElectronic material gaseshexafluoroethane
ElectronicsElectronic material gasesHexafluoro-1,3-butadienehexafluoro-1,3-butadiene
Aluminum ProductsAluminum sheets 4N8 high purity aluminum special products

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