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sectorproduct groupproduct namegeneric name
Petrochemical Chemical Basic petorochemicals/chemicalsliquid chlorine
Petrochemical Chemical Basic petorochemicals/chemicalsliquid carbon dioxide
Petrochemical Chemical Industrial Gases liquefied oxygen
Aluminum ProductsExtrusions ProductsLead-Less Free-Cutting Alloy
Ceramics ProductsLubrication and mold-release agents LBNlubrication and mold-release agents
Ceramics ProductsAbrasive, super abrasive, tool, lapping and polishing materiaillapping and polishing materialslapping materials
Ceramics ProductsAluminium hydroxideHIGILITE(High-Whiteness)High-Whiteness HIGILITE
Ceramics ProductsAluminaalumina(Low soda)low soda alumina

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