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sectorproduct groupproduct namegeneric name
Functional MaterialsDrug additives/Amino acidN-vinylacetamide/sodiumacrylate copolymerNVA/SA copolymer
Functional MaterialsIndustrial thickenerPNVA GE191
ElectronicsElectronic material gasesnitrous oxidenitrous oxide
Functional MaterialsUV Polymerizable materialsNIR-photosensitive dyes
ElectronicsRare Earth Magnetic AlloysNd-Fe-B alloy (SC Method)strip casting
ElectronicsRare Earth Magnetic AlloysNd-Fe-B alloy (CC Method)centrifugal casting
Functional MaterialsIndustrial thickenerN-vinylacetamide/sodiumacrylate copolymerNVA/SA copolymer
Functional MaterialsA pharmaceutical (for external use) raw material, cosmetic raw materialadHERO Copolymer of N-vinylacetamide and Sodium acrylate

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