Message from CTO

In January 2016, the Showa Denko Group started its new medium-term consolidated business plan “Project 2020+.”  Under this new business plan, the Group will strengthen revenue bases of its diverse businesses and expand its individualized businesses, aiming to contribute to the solution of social issues in global scale by providing high-value-added products and services to five market domains, namely, “Infrastructure,” “Energy,” “Mobility,” “Living environment,” and “Electronics.”

In recent years, customers’ requests to materials and parts are diversified so much that it is necessary for us to reconcile diverse technologies with products in order to secure our competitiveness. We think we can take advantage of this diversity in customers’ needs by making the most of our wide-ranging chemical technologies that covers inorganic, aluminum and organic chemicals, and our diverse human resources that support these technologies.

Therefore, we made it our basic policy on R&D to “Create new value by forging, polishing, and linking diverse individualized technologies.” Under this basic policy, we will deepen and fuse our “diverse business domains,” our “core technologies” that consist of elemental technologies with competitive advantage, and our “strategic technologies” that consist of the world-top-level technologies we cultivated over many years. Thus we will promote R&D in a way of our own.

At the beginning of 2016, in order to conduct this individualized R&D, we established the Institute for Integrated Product Development, which we organized by adding research facilities of six locations, centering on aluminum and inorganics technologies, to the former Institute for Polymers and Chemicals. On the initiative of this new R&D organization, we will enhance cooperation among Divisions and Plants, develop our retained materials into multi-material components, and quickly respond to our customers’ needs in a creative way. The Institute for Advanced and Core Technology will deepen our strategic technologies consisting of “carbon, thin-film, and catalyst technologies,” and focus on development of next-generation businesses. On the other hand, in order to realize and maximize the fruits of R&D as early as possible while making our original businesses and technologies as the pivot of our R&D activities, we will positively utilize open innovation and M&A, and strengthen cooperation with our partners.

The Showa Denko Group will make its R&D progress vigorously at world level by providing customers with original solutions, deepening and fusing its individualized technologies which are expected to become sprouts of next-generation growth businesses.

Managing Corporate Officers & CTO
Jun Tanaka

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