Basic R&D Policy

Create new value by forging, polishing, and linking diverse individualized technologies

In order to solve social issues and create new value concerning the five market domains of “Infrastructure,” “Energy,” “Mobility,” “Living environment,” and “Electronics,” we will promote our original R&D programs by deepening and fusing our diverse business domains, “Core technologies” as elemental technologies with competitive advantages, and “Strategic technologies,” which are world-top-level technologies we cultivated over many years.

During the three year period from 2016 through 2018, we will invest ¥60 billion in our R&D activities. Thus, we will intensively input our business resources into R&D activities related to core and peripheral fields of our businesses, and promote utilization of open innovation and M&A, aiming to create next-generation business themes that lead to the prosperity of the Showa Denko Group in the future.

Outline of R&D strategy

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