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Aluminum Rolled Products Division

The Rolled Aluminum Products Division provides high-purity aluminum foils, which are carefully manufactured for use in electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are widely used in a range of products, including home electric appliances, IT devices, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and other automobile devices, and are used also in the field of new energy, including wind and solar power generation.

The division also supplies a range of aluminum plates, including radiator plates for PDPs and LCPs.

Divisions and Department

Operation ・ R&D Site

Major Product/Service

High purity aluminum

  • aluminum capacitor foil

Aluminum sheets

  • aluminum cap materials
  • aluminum bright alloy
  • aluminum high strength and high heat conduction materials
  • aluminum sheets for name plates
  • aluminum sheets for brazing materials
  • aluminum sheets for building materials
  • aluminum coil for transformers
  • aluminum sheets