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Aluminum Specialty Components Division

The Aluminum Specialty Components Division provides aluminum materials, including extruded and forged products.

The division supplies the following products not only in Japan but also in Europe, United States and Southeast Asia: aluminum cylinders (core component of laser beam printers), large/complexly shaped extruded products, continuously cast rods of aluminum alloys (SHOTIC™) made using Showa Denko’s proprietary technologies, and molded products for automobile parts including compressors for in-vehicle air conditioners.

Also, the division supplies a range of heat exchangers for home electric appliances and industrial machines across the world and is engaged in the development and manufacture of power semiconductor cooling devices used in hybrid cars, electric vehicles and solar power generation equipment.

Divisions and Department

Special Material Marketing Department

Extrusion Group (Major Product:Large/complexly shaped extruded products, Aluminum alloy rods and difficult-to-produce frames)
Shotic Group(Major Product:Continuously cast rods of aluminum alloys and the blanks)
OA Group(Major Product:Aluminum cylinders for laser beam ptinters)
Nagoya Group(Major Product:Aluminum extruded products、Continuously cast rods of aluminum alloys and the blanks)

Cooling Device Marketing department

Electrical & Industrial Cooling device Group (Major Product:Oil cooler, Heatsink, Industrial t-coil, and Various heat exchangers)
Automotive Cooling Device Group(Major Product:Cooling devices for power electronics installed in hybrid cars)