Management Team

(As of July 1, 2019)

Board of Directors

Representative Director,
Chairman of the Board
Hideo Ichikawa
Hideo Ichikawa
Representative Director,
Kohei Morikawa
Kohei Morikawa
photo:Jun Tanaka
Jun Tanaka
photo:Hidehito Takahashi
Hidehito Takahashi
photo:Keiichi Kamiguchi
Keiichi Kamiguchi
photo:Motohiro Takeuchi
Motohiro Takeuchi
photo:Masaharu Oshima
Masaharu Oshima (Outside Director)
photo:Kiyoshi Nishioka
Kiyoshi Nishioka (Outside Director)
photo:Kozo Isshiki
Kozo Isshiki (Outside Director)

Audit & Supervisory Board

Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Tetsu Moriki Toshiharu Kato Hiroyuki Tezuka (Outside Member)
Kiyomi Saito (Outside Member) Setsu Onishi (Outside Member)  

Corporate Officers

Chief Executive Officer Kohei Morikawa
Senior Managing Corporate Officers
Jiro Ishikawa General Manager, Device Solutions Division;
Officer in charge of Electronics Materials Division
Managing Corporate Officers
Jun Tanaka Chief Technical Officer (CTO); 
Officer in charge of Advanced Battery Materials Division, Institute for Integrated Product Development, Advanced Technology Laboratory, Corporate R&D and Intellectual Property departments
Hidehito Takahashi General Manager, Carbon Division;
Officer in charge of Ceramics Division and Coating Materials Department, Yokohama and Shiojiri plants, and Corporate Strategy Department
Masamichi Yagishita General Manager, Electronic Chemicals Division;
Officer in charge of Functional Chemicals Division, and Higashinagahara, Tokuyama, Isesaki and Tatsuno plants
Corporate Officers
Keiichi Kamiguchi Chief Risk Management Officer(CRO);
Officer in charge of Internal Audit, Legal, CSR & General Affairs, Human Resources, and Purchasing & SCM departments;
Chairman, Security Export Control Committee
Kanji Takasaki Officer in charge of Aluminum Rolled Products, Aluminum Specialty Components, and Aluminum Can divisions, and Oyama and Kitakata plants
Youichi Takeuchi Plant Manager, Kawasaki Plant
Takayuki Sato General Manager, Electronics Materials Division;
General Manager, Marketing Department, Electronics Materials Division;
Deputy General Manager, Device Solutions Division;
Officer in charge of Chichibu Plant
Motohiro Takeuchi Chief Financial Officer(CFO);
General Manager, Finance & Accounting Department; Officer in charge of Information Systems Department
Taichi Nagai Oita Complex Representative
Koichi Nishimura General Manager, Industrial Gas Division;
Officer in charge of Basic Chemicals Division and Kawasaki Plant; 
President, Showa Denko Gas Products Co., Ltd.
Masunori Kaiho General Manager, Production Technology Department;
Officer in charge of Energy & Electricity, SPS Innovation and Responsible Care departments;
Chairman of Safety Measures Committee
Masao Shibuya General Representative in China;
General Manager, China Office, Corporate Strategy Department;
CEO, Showa Denko (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Akihiro Jimbo General Manager, Basic Chemicals Division
Tetsuo Wada General Manager, Institute for Integrated Product Development
Hirotsugu Fukuda General Manager, Petrochemicals Division;
General Manager, Olefins Department, Petrochemicals Division;
Officer in charge of Oita Complex
Eishi Wakutsu General Manager of Corporate Strategy Department

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