Our Vision

Showa Denko Group, under its Vision, has strived to realize “a company contributing to the sound growth of society” that contributes toward creating a society where affluence and sustainability are harmonized.
We have established our slogan as a declaration to firmly “promise” our stakeholders this policy.
Also, in order to realize our Vision and develop the Group sustainably, we have defined what we should do as the “Our Code of Conduct.”

Our Vision

We at the Showa Denko Group will provide products and services that are useful and safe and exceed our customers' expectations, thereby enhancing the value of the Group, giving satisfaction to our shareholders, and contributing to the sound growth of international society as a responsible corporate citizen.

In order to be trusted and evaluated by society through the continuous improvement of the corporate value, it is important to maintain and develop appropriate relations with stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, business partners, local communities and employees. We clarify this as "Our Vision" and promote the management for its realization.

Corporate message: “Act!”

We shall listen more to customers and further hone our technologies, and shall thereby
Act to create products and services that touch “the heart”
Act to offer solutions that make “society” better


We act to touch the heart and make society better.
To start the Group’s new story to wow the world, we made a clapperboard the symbol of our corporate message.
Companies of the Group are stages for employees.
This symbol also expresses the strong will of each employee to act to touch the heart and make society better.

Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide

Our Code of Conduct

1. We will act with integrity as a responsible citizen of the international society.

  1. 1)We will act in strict compliance with laws and regulations and according to high ethical standards.
  2. 2)We will promote Responsible Care programs.
  3. 3)We will conduct business based on the principle of fair and free competition.
  4. 4)We will respect human rights.
  5. 5)We will work to prevent bribery and other forms of corruption.

2. We will provide our customers with satisfaction and safety.

  1. 1)We will develop and provide “individualized” products, technologies, and services that satisfy our customers and promote the sound growth of international society.
  2. 2)We will ensure stable supply of products that meet customers' expectations, in cooperation with our business partners.

3. We will develop corporate culture that helps every member of the Group to fully display his/her ability.

  1. 1)We will create new values based on mutual respect for personality, free thinking, and constructive discussions.
  2. 2)We will give the highest priority to safety, and strive to maintain and improve the working environment.

4. We will meet the expectations of local communities.

  1. 1)We will disclose accurate information on our activities in a timely manner to the countries and local communities in which we operate, so as to maintain good communication and promote mutual understanding.
  2. 2)We will grow with the countries and local communities in which we operate, and contribute to their social and economic growth.

5. We will make vigorous efforts to maintain and improve the global environment.

  1. 1)We will reduce environmental impact of our business activities, and contribute toward the mitigation of climate change and the conservation of biological diversity.
  2. 2)We will develop and provide environment-friendly products and technologies.

In January 2012, as a revised version of the above, we established “Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide” based on the social trends and the changes in our Group.
We referred to ISO26000 in order to examine the contents, and summarized the contents based on what value should be provided to each stakeholder.
The booklet distributed to the Group employees contains “Commentaries”, “Relevant laws and regulations, and internal rules” and “Points for discussion” for each item, which is intended to be used as a tool to “understand, discuss and put into practice”.

(Our Code of Conduct is applicable to each Group company in the world, while Practical Guide is applicable to each Group company located in Japan.)

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