Basic Procurement Policy

We are conducting procurement activities in line with the basic policy as described below, giving due consideration to society and the environment in our business activities and across our supply chain, covering the stages from the purchasing of raw materials to production, sales and through to transportation.

Optimized transactions

In our purchasing transactions, we select our suppliers (business partners) based on the principle of economic reasonableness, after comprehensively examining such factors as product quality, price, delivery, reliability of the management, safety, services, technological capability, and attention to the environment and society.


In selecting our suppliers, we adopt an open-door policy and provide a fair and equitable opportunity for participation.  We respond in a faithful manner, irrespective of nationality, past records of transactions, or affiliation to corporate groups.

Promotion of CSR procurement

We are striving to fulfill our corporate social responsibility across the company, including by promoting CSR-oriented procurement activities.

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