Human rights・Corporate Ethics

Basic policies

 The Showa Denko Group regards respect for human rights as the basis of its business management and is continuously implementing measures to raise all of its employees’ awareness of human rights.
We are implementing a range of measures, supporting the ideas stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
In Japan, we intensively conduct awareness-raising activities at each site during Human Rights Week every December. We also include a program on human rights and corporate ethics in the programs comprising our level-specific training.

Activities in 2017

The Showa Denko Group has been conducting awareness-raising activities for human rights and corporate ethics across the board.

1.Awareness-raising activities regarding human rights

Awareness-raising activities regarding human rights In Japan, the Showa Denko Group aims to give all employees 1.5 hours of education on human rights and corporate ethics each year to continue their edification on these topics. In 2017, each base of the Group held study seminars on human right-related issues familiar to employees (prevention of harassment and promotion of communication) and on human right themes that the Ministry of Justice was proposing, such as those related to Dowa issues, LGBT issues, and Hansen’s disease.

2.Activities for Corporate Ethics Month

The Showa Denko Group sets every January as Corporate Ethics Month.
In January 2017, all employees, including those of Group companies outside Japan, read Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide and discussed the content at their workplaces. Moreover, each director and manager of the Group signed an oath of compliance with the code of conduct and submitted it to the Group CEO.

3.Corporate Ethics Hotline (whistle-blowing system)

We operate the Corporate Ethics Hotline so as to be able to detect from acros s the Showa Denko Group any incidents of noncompliance or unfair and other behaviors that contravene corporate ethical standards at an early stage in order to resolve them. Group employees along with suppliers, local residents, and other stakeholders can report wrongdoing to online contact points accessible via the intranet and Internet.

TOPICEstablishing a multilingual contact for whistle-blowers

The Showa Denko Group accepts internal reports about noncompliance, unfair behaviors, and other incidents involving Group employees or directors on the intranet and via Showa Denko’s Corporate Ethics Hotline service (in Japanese and English). In consideration of the increase in the number of national staff in multiple countries in line with the globalization of our business, we also established an external multilingual contact for whistle-blowers this April.
We respect the privacy of individual whistle-blowers and equally prohibit the unfair treatment of reporters by their companies regardless of whether the report was made via the multilingual contact or the Corporate Ethics Hotline.  
We will ensure “compliance with social and corporate ethical norms” by detecting noncompliance, unfair behaviors, and other contraventions as early as possible. 


TOPICSTraining of in-house counselors on harassment-related complaints

We invite guest speakers from Cuore C3 Co., Ltd., which provides us with harassment-related counseling services, to help train in-house counselors on harassment-related issues. The training is provided based on the practical themes set for the Showa Denko Group. Trainees, who participate in the training from Group companies across Japan, learn by role-playing and other practices to improve their general counseling skills so that they can provide better services to users of the in-house harassment-related counseling system.

4.Handling harassment

To eliminate all kinds of harassment at its workplaces, the Showa Denko Group is continuing to organize awareness-raising and other activities for employees.
In 2017, general employees working at the head office of Showa Denko K.K. received training on harassment. Also, copies of a leaflet on discrimination targeting pregnant women and members of the LGBT community were distributed to employees.

Leaflet designed to help eliminate discrimination

Seminar on harassment

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