Efforts for Preservation of Biodiversity

Basic ideas and policies

In order to pass down to the next generation the beautiful scenery and rich natural resources provided by ecosystems, we will make efforts for biodiversity conservation based on the following policies and as a member of the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership.

  • Evaluate and reduce the impact of the Showa Denko Group’s business activities on biodiversity
  • Work to restore threatened biodiversity
  • Implement measures through conservation and cooperation with stakeholders

We also regard the issue of ocean plastic waste as one that we must address with leadership as a chemical manufacturer. Accordingly, we joined the Japan Initiative for Marine Environment (JaIME), which was launched in 2018, and have been discussing the measures to be taken, compiling and sharing information, and conducting awareness-raising activities for developing countries in Asia in cooperation with other business associations.

Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership: A multi-stakeholder biodiversity initiative that consists of business entities which endorse “Action Policies of Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership” and are implementing or planning to implement one or more actions among them, and economic organizations, NGOs, researchers, local/national governments and other public organizations which support those business entities' biodiversity initiatives.

Activities in 2019

We have included firm-wide biodiversity conservation activities in the target of the RC action plan. Specifically, we have set a three-year plan for 2019 to 2021, under which we aim to make measurable achievements by conducting business activities in consideration of biodiversity and implementing initiatives that show our commitment to environmental conservation. In fiscal 2019 we undertook investigations and examinations mainly for the following purposes: to make a plan to secure and manage green spaces; to proactively reduce the environmental impact of wastewater; and to foster environmental conservation activities according to the individual features of our sites. Based on the results, we implemented localized measures at each of the sites.

The Omachi Plant, Carbon Division of Showa Denko K.K., uses local water resources in its business activities. Plant personnel conducted a cleanup activity in cooperation with members of the local fishing cooperative association, which kindly supports the operations of the plant’s hydroelectric power station. They clean Lake Kizaki and Lake Aoki and Lake Nakatsuna every year.

Wastewater from the Isesaki Plant of Showa Denko K.K. is discharged via the Nira River to the Tone River, meaning the plant is somewhat reliant on the Nira River. Accordingly, plant personnel have been participating in the local Nira River cleanup group since 2013.

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