Participation in Community Activities

Basice ideas and policies

The Showa Denko Group will proactively participate in community activities with an eye to becoming a “social contribution company,” as stated in the Group’s CSR Policy. We will also deepen mutual understanding with local residents through sincere dialogue and will collaborate with them to solve local issues for the sustainable development of their communities.

Results of our local and social contribution activities

■ 2019 Results of our local and social contribution activities(SHOWA DENKO and the group companies in Japan)
※( ):Showa Denko only
Details of the activitiesResults
(Developing Human Resources to Lead the Next Generation)
Dispatched employees as instructors

59 cases; Dispatched 1,612man-hours
(46 cases; 1,574man-hours)

Accepted interns

37 events implemented; Accepted 120 interns.
(29 cases; 97 persons)

Offering guided plant tours
(For students)
1,926 persons
(1,628 persons)
Improvement of the environment around the worksites Cleaning activities

339 cases; Conducted for 6,657 man-hours in total
(111cases; 5,389man-hours)

Promotion of arts, culture and sports Cooperation for and granting subsidies to arts, culture and sports: spend Spent 26,953,000 yen
(25,486,000 yen)
Exchange with local communities Events 9,631residents participated
(9,172 persons)
Facilities rented Rented for 14,070 hours in total
(14,063 hours)
Offering guided plant tours
(For Local communities and authorities, and the families of employees)

2,695 residents visited plants
(2,420 residents人)

Community development and social welfare Harmonizing with local economy: spend Spent 2,820,000 yen
(1,723,000 yen)
Aluminum can recycling: proceeds
*Donated to a range of facilities and organizations, including local social welfare councils
1,600,000 yen
Collaborating with NPOs and local organizations Spent 679,000 yen
(286,000 yen)
Social Contribution Expenditures
※non-personnel costs

321,916,000 yen

Toward the future

We will collect information about social issues recognized by local stakeholders by communicating with them and implementing measures to solve these issues. Specifically, based on past activities conducted by our sites and affiliated companies, we have started to implement the following measures according to the situation of each local community:

  1. (1)Identify the issues through communication with local communities
  2. (2)Set the medium- to long-term vision and priority themes (toward 2025)
  3. (3)Formulate and implement annual action plans

We plan to disclose the themes to be addressed by each of our sites and Group companies as well as related details from time to time.


CSR investment example (1)Providing support to the Sakuranbo Marathon

さくらんぼマラソン ボランティアの様子Volunteers working for the Sakuranbo Marathon

In order to promote local culture and sports, Showa Denko HD Yamagata K.K. annually provides special support to the Sakuranbo Marathon. This event is held in Higashine City, which is famous for its fruit production, as the largest marathon event in Tohoku. Moreover, individual employees support management of the event, including providing runners with towels cooled by ice water. In 2019, a total of 48 employees from the company worked with employees from neighboring companies as volunteers for the event, and many employees also participated in the event as runners themselves.


CSR investment example (2)Acquiring the right to name the stadium in Oita Sports Park

大分スポーツ公園Multi-purpose stadium in the center of
Oita Sport Park named “Showa Denko Dome Oita

The multi-purpose stadium in Oita Sports Park is one of the representative facilities of Oita Prefecture, where Showa Denko houses its Oita Complex as a central base for one of its core businesses. The stadium is used for a range of sports events, such as J. LEAGUE football matches. Showa Denko acquired the naming rights for the stadium from Oita Prefecture. As a result, the stadium was named “Showa Denko Dome Oita” in 2019, and will continued to be called by this name for five years until 2024. The fees for the naming rights will partially be used for the prefecture’s “partnership project,” through which we can make local contributions, promote local sports, and revitalize local communities.
Moreover, we decided to become a uniform sponsor for Oita Trinita from 2020, believing that the football club is making great contributions to local revitalization and sports promotion as an Oita-based football team belonging to the Japan Professional Football League (J.LEAGUE). We believe that providing support to the team will in turn help us to improve our CSR activities.

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