How to use our IR website

In our IR website, "For Investors," Showa Denko offers IR information such as financial results and stocks for all of you, including investors and stockholders.
This is an introduction of the types of information and services offered to help first-time visitors easily find information that they want.

Information offered in IR website

Finacial performance

As regards our annual and quarterly financial performance, you can see key figures in charts and tables.
These are interactive charts which you can customize and display. In addition, you can download data in the Excel form and Portable Document Format (PDF).
(Annual data for the past five years, and quarterly data for the past eight quarters are provided.)

You can see Showa Denko's share data (closing price of the previous day, stock price chart) and three-year financial summary. In addition, you can download a PDF file adjusted to one page of A4 size.

You can see timely disclosure documents to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, including financial statements, summary, and presentation materials.

You can see the latest IR-related documents, including timely disclosures, annual report, and medium-term consolidated business plan.

At “Latest Financial Results” appearing in the upper part of the top page, we provide links to the latest financial statements and archives of voice records of meetings with investors and analysts.
You can also access the data by your smartphone or tablet PC.

Business strategy

You can see presentation materials about our Medium-Term Business Plan, and its progress, provided at meetings with investors and analysts.
You can also see the summary of the medium-term business plan in the section of “About Us.”
Medium-Term Business Plan.

Stock Information

Information is provided about the number of outstanding shares, the number of shareholders, top ten shareholders, and a breakdown of shareholders by sector.

You can see the latest stock prices (real time). You can customize the chart to change its type, and display our press releases and TOPIX / Nikkei Stock Average figures on the chart.
You can check Showa Denko's past stock prices on the page of  Share price look-up.

Convenient tool for quickly getting our latest information

We announce our IR news about updated information and IR event plans, including financial announcement schedules, in the section of "IR news and events.”
Our annual schedules are shown in the IR calendar page.

Showa Denko's news releases and information are provided through content distribution format (RSS). (RSS is abbreviated designation of Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.) A dedicated tool, such as RSS reader software or a browser that supports RSS, is required in order to acquire RSS. If you register our contents in your RSS reader, you can automatically obtain updated information.
The RSS formats provided by Showa Denko are as follows:

Searching in this website

You can search our Group website by inputting a keyword into the search box at the top right corner of this screen and clicking the icon of the magnifying glass.

Starting from the “Search Result” screen, you can refine your search by specifying the scope (“In the site” or “Group as a whole”) or choosing a category (“For investors,” “News Release,” etc.).

Breadcrumbs navigation (Topic Path)

The current page position is indicated in a hierarchy from Top page. You can display an upper hierarchy by clicking the link of the hierarchy on the way.
When you display a page directly by a keyword search, you can show a higher level of the site easily by this navigation method.

Adjusting Text Size

A method of adjusting the text size differs depending on the type of browser you use.  Please refer to the page of About Adjusting Text Size.

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