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The Showa Denko Group launched its medium-term business plan “The TOP 2021” in January 2019. This is the Group’s growth strategy aiming to establish the basis of growth toward the future through structural reform and strengthening of the Group’s revenue base.

Operating income of the Group for 2019 decreased from that for 2018 because of harsh business environment including US-China trade friction and business slowdown in the European automotive industry. However, we continued to execute various investment programs in order to ensure growth of the Group in the future. With regard to the dividend per share, we paid 50 yen in September 2019 as a midterm dividend, and 80 yen as a term-end dividend. As a result, we paid 130 yen per share in total for fiscal 2019.
In addition, on December 18, we announced that we would launch a tender offer to acquire common shares in Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. In recent years, industrial structure and competitive environment has been greatly changing. To cope with such changes in business environment and survive as the global top functional chemical manufacturer, we must evolve ourselves into “a one-stop advanced materials partner” for our customers, which offers solutions transcending materials and components. This is the reason why we decided to launch the tender offer.

In 2020, we will promote growth strategy for the second year of our medium-term business plan “The TOP 2021,” and accelerate execution of measures to integrate Hitachi Chemical with us.

We defined the Showa Denko Group’s Mission as “to satisfy all stakeholders.” We will maximize shareholders’ value, customers’ value and social value, thereby contributing to the sound growth of society.

We hope the Showa Denko Group can count on your continued support.


March 2020
President and CEO
Kohei Morikawa

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