Corporate philosophy

As in below, we have established corporate philosophy of the newly integrated company which will be borne as a result of integration of Showa Denko and Showa Denko Materials.


Change society through the power of chemistry

Contribute to the sustainable development of global society by creating functions required of the times as an advanced material partner



Passionate & Results-Driven

By taking pride and passion to our work,
By focusing our strengths and performance,
We will become a globally recognized top player.

Open Minds & Open Connections

By showing mutual trust and respect,
By collaborating openly beyond boundaries,
We will co-create new value with all stakeholders.

Agile & Flexible

By learning through trial-and-error,
By thinking flexibly and acting swiftly,
We will transform into a dynamic organization.

Solid Vision & Solid Integrity

We truly recognize the power and potential of chemistry,
We prioritize sustainability for future generations,
We commit to upholding our values of integrity to all stakeholders and ethics in developing chemical technologies.

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