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Showa Denko Publishes “CSR Report 2013”

Showa Denko K.K.
August,1, 2013

Showa Denko (SDK) (TOKYO: 4004) has published “CSR Report 2013” detailing its wide-ranging activities based on the principles of corporate social responsibility. 

This year, we have reviewed the roles of three different media (website, PDF files, and booklets) to ensure timely delivery of useful information.  The report contains feature articles on the links between CSR activities and our daily operations as well as the relations between our businesses and society, introducing actual steps we are taking.  The CSR Report is provided in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

  1. Characteristics and roles of respective media

a)    Website: Positioned as the center of our reporting on CSR activities, our website contains all CSR-related information.  Daily CSR activities are also reported on the website as news.  (The Chinese version will be launched in late August.)

b)    PDF files: The CSR information site is provided in simplified PDF files.  Visitors can print out the files when necessary, and read.

c)    Booklets: A summary of information on the CSR site is provided in the form of a booklet, and distributed to stakeholders on various scenes as the tool for introducing to the website.  (The English and Chinese versions will be published in late August.)

  1. Feature articles in CSR Report 2013

Special Feature 1: “Shaping our CSR”

The Showa Denko Group established Our Code of Conduct and Practical Guide in 2012 by revising the previous code of conduct for employees, aiming to step up its CSR activities.  In this feature article, some examples of practicing Our Code of Conduct and Practical Guide are introduced, together with comments by employees.

Special Feature 2: “Our contribution to a recycling-oriented society”

As examples of the Group’s contribution toward creating a recycling-oriented society, this feature article introduces the Group’s businesses in graphite electrodes, recycling of plastics for the production of chemicals, aluminum can recycling, and rare earth magnetic alloys. 

The Showa Denko Group will continue managing its operations based on the principles of CSR, conducting businesses to contribute toward sustainable development of international society.


Outline of “CSR Report 2013” of the Showa Denko Group


URL: /english/csr.html


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Special Feature 1: “Shaping our CSR”
Special Feature 2: “Our contribution to a recycling-oriented society”
CSR Management
Social Commitment Report
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[Booklets: summary report]
Format: A4 size, color, eight pages, PDF

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