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SDK Develops New Aluminum Alloy for PDP Heat Sinks

November 20, 2001

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has started manufacture and sale of its newly developed aluminum alloy ST60 for use in heat sinks of plasma display panels (PDPs).

Because PDPs contain many heat-generating components to produce beautiful pictures, PDP manufacturers require heat sinks light in weight and having high heat radiation performance as well as sufficient strength to reinforce the wide screen.

To meet the needs, SDK has developed ST60 Al-Mg-Si alloy by combining the Company's alloy designing and aluminum fabricating technologies. Its thermal conductivity is comparable to that of pure aluminum. Also, its strength is equivalent to that of the widely used high-strength 5052 alloy. Thus, ST-60 satisfies all essential requirements for PDP heat sink material: high strength, good thermal diffusivity, lightweight and thinness.

The development of this product is part of SDK's efforts to expand value-added aluminum fabricated products operations under its medium-term consolidated business plan.

Owing to its advantages described above, ST60 has been adopted by manufacturers of PDPs, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and notebook PCs in Japan and abroad. SDK will continue developing markets for ST-60 centering on such electronics applications as heat sinks for PDPs/LCDs as well as substrates for metal-base printed wiring boards.

Annual sales of ST60 are expected to amount to ¥2 billion in three-years' time.

SDK is committed to better serving the interests of the electronics and other industries by combining aluminum alloy designing/fabricating technologies and inorganic/organic chemical technologies amassed over many years.