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SDK Develops DPM Metal Complex Volume-Production Technology

May 29, 2002

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has developed the world's first technology to mass-produce various types of dipivaloylmethanate (DPM) metal complex to be used increasingly in the metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process. The MOCVD process is now widely employed in the electronics industry for production of semiconductors and display panels.

Compared with ordinary organometallic compounds, DPM metal complex vaporizes at a relatively low temperature of approx. 200°C due to its high vapor pressure. Furthermore, it decomposes easily in the presence of oxygen, forming thin metal oxide films. Since most of the metals combine with DPM, the use of DPM metal complex in the MOCVD process enables efficient formation of various kinds of metal oxide films.

However, DPM metal complex is expensive due to the lack of volume-production technology, and has rarely been used for industrial applications. SDK has now established the volume-production technology for the first time in the world, fully utilizing its technical expertise in synthesis of chelating agents such as EDTA and biodegradable GLDA. Thus, SDK is now ready to provide high-quality DPM metal complex of various types at low cost, and has started providing samples.

Demand for DPM metal complex is expected to grow dramatically for wide-ranging electronics applications, including fluorescent materials for flat panel displays (PDP, FED) as well as ferroelectric, insulating, and electrode films for semiconductor devices. SDK's current product line includes DPM metal complex containing hafnium, zirconium, ruthenium, copper, yttrium, barium, lanthanum, terbium, europium or thulium. Sales of this product line are expected to expand to billion in three years' time.

In the medium-term consolidated business plan, SDK is committed to the electronics market, allocating much of its resources to the development of value-added specialty chemicals.

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