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SDK to Modify Aluminum Business Structure

June 29, 2004

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) is going to change part of the structure of its aluminum business on July 1 to improve production capability and R&D functions.

Specifically, the Extrusion Division and the Aluminum Specialty Products Division will be merged to create a new unit, the Extrusions/Specialty Products Division. This will enable integrated production of aluminum cylinders for laser beam printers—the main product of the Aluminum Specialty Products Division—using extruded tubes supplied by the Extrusion Division. As a result of the integration, SDK will further improve the quality of the aluminum cylinders for printers.

Furthermore, R&D functions of the Aluminum Sector will be improved, as the newly organized Aluminum Technology Center will take control of the die, melting and casting technologies common to the Aluminum Sector.

SDK is progressing with establishment of the market-oriented way of thinking and pursuit of synergies through nurturing the interconnections of inorganic/aluminum and organic chemical technologies. Based on this management policy, SDK will continue enhancing the production efficiency and development capability to ensure the highest product quality for our customers.