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SDK Develops New Stabilized Vitamin C for Wrinkle Care

December 1, 2004

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has developed sodium ascorbyl 2-phosphate 6-palmitate (APPS), a new type of stabilized vitamin C effective for wrinkle care. SDK will start selling this world’s first product in January 2005 as additive to cosmetics under the trade name of Apprecier.

Wrinkles form because collagenase and active oxygen, generated deep in the skin by ultraviolet and other irritants, decompose dermal collagen and elastic fibers, leading to the loss of skin elasticity. (See below drawing)

With the spread of an “night owl” type lifestyle and dried living environment due to air conditioning, irritation to the skin is increasing and crows’-feet are becoming typical skin troubles.

It has been known widely that vitamin C is very effective in removing activated oxygen, preventing oxidation of cells by activated oxygen, and promoting synthesis of collagen. However, as vitamin C easily decomposes with heat or in water, its effect was limited as additive to cosmetics.

In this regard, SDK already developed ascorbyl 2-phosphate magnesium salt (APM), a stabilized vitamin C having resistance to heat and water. This product has been sold since 1985 as additive to cosmetics that impedes the formation of melanin.

The newly developed Apprecier has higher skin permeability as it has been given lipophilic property. Thus, the active ingredient (vitamin C) is effectively delivered into derma, resulting in removal of wrinkle-causing activated oxygen. It also facilitates synthesis of collagen that maintains skin elasticity while restricting decomposition of collagen.

It has been confirmed that the amount of vitamin C in derma substantially increases when Apprecier is applied instead of APM. (See below graph)

Test results showed that the application of Apprecier to the skin effectively restricted the formation of wrinkles and brightened the skin.

SDK has received many inquiries about the new product after its effect was reported at a number of academic society meetings this year. New cosmetic products containing Apprecier will be placed on the market next year.

In the ongoing medium-term consolidated business plan the “Sprout Project,” SDK is promoting the personal care product operation as one of the “strategic growth businesses.” SDK will continue to launch innovative products in this area, aiming to achieve ¥5 billion annual sales in 2010 from this operation.


Cross-sectional view of the skin

Comparison of vitamin C enrichment in the skin

* Apprecier is SDK’s trademark. (Registration applied for.)

For further information, contact:
Specialty Chemicals Division (Phone: 81-44-329-0725)