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Management Policy 2005 for Showa Denko Group Accomplishing SPROUT Project Goals with “Passion for Change”

January 4, 2005
Kyohei Takahashi
President & CEO

This is the final year of the SPROUT Project. Although we achieved major financial goals under the Project by the end of 2004—one year in advance--, we still have many unaccomplished goals of structural reform. In particular, strategic growth businesses are not fully established yet and we need to act with greater speed this year in order to establish ourselves as a truly “individualized chemical company.”

To create products that are either “number one” or “only one” on the market and to ensure sustainable growth of the SDK Group of companies, we should act in accordance with the following six key words (five Cs and one P):

Challenge: Continuous efforts to set and achieve higher goals
Commitment: Corporate culture demanding fulfillment of each commitment
Completion: Perseverance in carrying out one’s project
Collaboration: Close cooperation with heightened alertness
Contribution: Contribution to the interests of shareholders and society
Passion: Passion for change

Everyone in the SDK Group should act on his/her own initiative and with strong passion to change the company for the better. This is the key to our success. Throughout the year 2005 and the following three “post Sprout” years, we need to accelerate changes, thereby firmly establishing ourselves as an individualized chemical company and becoming a blue-chip company.

As CEO of Showa Denko, I call on each employee of the Group as follows:

You are requested to:
  • 1.Fulfil your own duties and act with greater speed so that the Group can achieve or even exceed the financial goals under the project.
  • 2.Comply with all laws and regulations as well as internal rules, always bearing in mind Showa Denko Group’s Code of Conduct and Guidelines.
  • 3. Ensure safe and stable operations and observe the principles of Responsible Care.