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SDK Subsidiary Develops TiO2-based Deodorizing Equipment

February 4, 2005

Kokusai Eisei Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko K.K. (SDK), has developed a deodorizing equipment jointly with Anzai Kantestu Co., Ltd., using SDK’s innovative photocatalyst based on brookite titanium dioxide nanoparticles (Nano Titania NTB). Kokusai Eisei started selling the new equipment under the trade name of Panafino.

Compared with the conventional anatase TiO2, Nano Titania NTB shows a high level of photocatalyst activity in response to weak light. SDK started the world’s first commercial production of Nano Titania NTB in 2002. Nano Titania NTB is available in two forms: a slurry in which fine particles (10 nm in diameter) of brookite TiO2 are dispersed, and the combination of the slurry and inorganic binder.

The latter form of Nano Titania NTB product is being used for the stainproofing, deodorization and sterilization purposes for interior materials, outdoor facilities, fluorescent lighting and noise barrier. Panafino contains the combination of Nano Titania NTB slurry and inorganic binder, which is best suited to a special kind of metal used as the base material for the filter.

Compared with conventional deodorizing equipment and air cleaners using anatase TiO2, Panafino has the following advantages:

  • 1.Deodorizing and decomposition capability has been more than doubled.
  • 2.Higher durability due to the use of a metallic filter. (The conventional products mainly use paper or nonwoven in filter.)
  • 3.Extended period of use before filter cleaning due to the automatic cleaning effect of the photocatalyst.
  • 4.Simple structure that makes filter cleaning and lamp exchange easier. (The conventional products have honeycomb-type filters. This means additional costs for exchange of filters by specialists and maintenance of UV lamps.)

In addition to decomposition of various types of odors (from pets, foods, spoiled foods, etc.), Panafino is effective in decomposing volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde considered responsible for “sick house” syndrome, and organic compounds suspended in the air. Thus, the new equipment can be used in hospitals, old-age homes, smoking rooms, chemical plants and laboratory animal cages.

Panafino will be available in a wall type and a ceiling embedded type in addition to the normal stand type. Furthermore, special deodorizing devices can be designed for such industrial applications as waste water treatment and industrial waste treatment, using brookite TiO2-based filters.

Since its establishment in 1946, Kokusai Eisei has been engaged in the environmental protection business, centering on fumigation and rodenticide. The company intends to expand its business into the area of air/water purification. The Panafino business is the first attempt in line with the new business policy.

Kokusai Eisei is planning to sell its stand type Panafino at the price of around ¥330,000 per unit and expects annual sales of ¥200 million in 2005 and ¥400 million in 2010.

For further information, contact:
Kokusai Eisei Co., Ltd. (Phone: 81-3-3451-4158)


1. Outlines of Kokusai Eisei Co., Ltd. and Anzai Kantestu Co., Ltd.

  Kokusai Eisei Co., Ltd. Anzai Kantestu Co., Ltd.
Head office 3-7, Kaigan 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-6, Komaoka 3-chome, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.
President Ryosuke Kamei Yukio Anzai
Establishment May 9, 1946 October 27,1970
Scope of business Fumigation; production & sale of insecticides; mold/fungus control Design and production of precision instrument; photcatalyst-related business; piping and maintenance of chemical plants
Capital ¥45 million ¥10 million
Shareholder SDS Biotech K.K. (100%) Yukio Anzai (100%)
Annual sales ¥1,700 million ¥270 million

Panafino: new deodorizing equipment using brookite TiO2 photocatalyst