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SDK to Reorganize Chemicals Sector

May 26, 2005

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) will change the structure of its Chemicals Sector on June 1 to increase operational efficiency and expand strategic growth businesses by establishing separate units responsible for profit and production cost control, respectively.

Specifically, the existing two business divisions--Gases & Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals--will be consolidated and reorganized into a Chemicals Division and a Chemicals Production Center. The former will be responsible for ensuring profit by managing sales, marketing and market/technology development. The latter will be responsible for effectively controlling production cost by strengthening production, environment/safety, quality assurance and production technology functions.

The Chemicals Division will consist of four business departments responsible for planning and execution of business/marketing strategies in respective areas, and one development department, with the following functions:

  • 1.Gases & Chemicals Department: Commodity gases and inorganic chemicals (industrial gases, medical gases, ammonia, caustic soda, etc.)
  • 2.Organic Industrial Chemicals Department: Commodity organic chemicals and polymers (acrylonitrile, glycine, alanine, chelating agents, polychloroprene synthetic rubber, chlorinated polyethylene, etc.)
  • 3.Electronic Chemicals Department: Specialty gases and chemicals for the semiconductor industry (etching gases, cleaning gases, high-purity ammonia, Solfine high-purity chemicals)
  • 4.Specialty Chemicals Department: Specialty chemicals in the developmental stage (Stabilized vitamins, raw materials for cosmetics, liquid chromatography columns, sodium polyacrylate thickener, fine powders of photocatalysts, etc.)
  • 5.Development Department: Promotion of technical development; Launch of new products and expansion of new businesses

Meanwhile, the existing Production & Technology Control Department under the Gases & Chemicals Division will change its name to Kawasaki Plant while the Production & Technology Control Department under the Specialty Chemicals Division will be renamed Chidori Plant. Their technology control functions will be transferred to the Production Technology Department and the Development Department.

The new Chemicals Production Center will control the two plants, as well as Production Technology, Quality Assurance, and Environment & Safety departments, the Kawasaki Office and the Higashinagahara Regional Office.