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SDK Develops New Isocyanate Monomer “Karenz BEI”

August 24, 2005

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has developed a new grade of high-performance isocyanate monomer for precision surface treatment of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and semiconductors. SDK started selling this month the new product,1,1-bis(acryloyloxymethyl) ethyl isocyanate, under the brand name of Karenz BEI.

SDK’s isocyanate monomer, having an isocyanate group that easily combines with various substances, is added to and reacted with polymers to provide photo-setting function. The function enables precision surface treatment of LCDs and semiconductors, ensuring production of miniaturized high-performance electronic devices.

SDK is providing the Karenz-series of isocyanate monomer products to meet sophisticated customer requirements. Last year, SDK started selling Karenz AOI having photo-setting speed two times that of Karenz MOI.

The new product, Karenz BEI, has one isocyanate group and two acrylic groups in one molecule, ensuring higher photo-setting speed. The product has the following advantages:

  • 1.Its photo-setting speed is two times that of Karenz AOI.
  • 2.Its strength of adhesion to substrate (glass, metal, PET resin, etc.) is two times that of Karenz AOI.
  • 3.Its shrinkage at the time of setting is substantially lower than that of Karenz AOI, causing no substrate warpage problem.

SDK has filed for patent for this world’s first material and for related patents.
SDK is expanding strategic growth businesses through technical synergies and a market-oriented approach, thereby establishing itself as a focused and individualized chemical company. The isocyanate business falls in the category of “individualized products,” consisting of Karenz MOI, Karenz AOI and the newly developed Karenz BEI.

For further information, contact: URL: http://www.karenz.jp/index_english.html
Specialty Chemicals Department (Phone: 81-44-329-0726)