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SDK Develops New Photo-Curing Isocyanate Monomer KarenzMOI-EG

May 24, 2007

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has developed a new grade of isocyanate monomer product that ensures effective photo-curing of resins and other materials. Sample shipments will start in July, under the trade name of KarenzMOI-EG.
Compared with the existing KarenzMOI product, the new grade has the following advantages:

  • 1.Elongation after fracture is 4.5 times as large, while fracture strength is maintained at the same level.
  • 2.Adhesion strength (to glass, metal, etc.) is five times as large.
  • 3.Cure shrinkage is reduced by approximately 40%, while curing rate is maintained at the same level.

As a result, KarenzMOI-EG is expected to be used in such new applications as surface coating and adhesives, in addition to the existing applications in the production of liquid crystal displays and semiconductors.

SDK is already selling various grades of proprietary isocyanate monomers, including KarenzMOI and KarenzAOI. These isocyanate monomer products contain an isocyanate group (-N=C=O; readily reacts with a wide range of substances) and a plolymerizable group in the same molecular structure. SDK aims to triple the sales of the Karenz family products, to around ¥2 billion by 2010.

SDK has applied for process patents and other related patents for KarenzMOI-EG. Presentations on this new product will be made at a meeting of The Society of Polymer Science, Japan, to be held on May 30.

For further information, contact:
Fine Chemicals Group, Specialty Chemicals Dept. (Phone: 81-44-329-0726)
URL: http://www.karenz.jp/
IR & PR Office (Phone: 81-3-5470-3715)


1. Molecular structure of KarenzMOI-EG

2. Mechanical properties of resins cured by KarenzMOI-EG as compared with those cured by conventional KarenzMOI

a) Both flexible and strong

  KarenzMOI-EG KarenzMOI
Elongation (%) 36 8
Fracture strength (MPa) 20 18
Pencil hardness H 3H

A bent strip of resin cured by KarenzMOI-EG

b) Improved adhesion strength

c) High reactivity and reduced cure shrinkage

  KarenzMOI-EG KarenzMOI
Double bond reactivity Same level
Isocyanate reactivity Same level
Cure shrinkage (%) 3 5