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New Year Message from CEO

January 4, 2008

New Year Message

Kyohei Takahashi
President and CEO

We will complete the Passion Project and ready ourselves for a big leap forward.

Our slogan for 2008 is “Let’s work together with enthusiasm to accomplish all goals under the Passion Project and lay the groundwork for long-term sustainable growth.”

In this final year of the Passion Project, we are going to complete the “tower” we have been building in the past two years. This means we must accomplish all goals under the project, establishing a business structure that will ensure steady profits regardless of business cycles, smoothly launching new businesses, meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, and contributing to the sound growth of international society. At the same time, we must ready ourselves for a big leap forward under the next medium-term consolidated business plan.

We will have big dreams and strong determination.

Having dreams is essential for success. And we need to have strong determination to convert our dreams into reality. We must set concrete goals and strive persistently and energetically to accomplish them. Although it is unavoidable that there will be many failures behind the scenes, we will begin with big dreams and commit ourselves to achieving them.

We will step up our response to globalization and diversification.

The world economy, so far dominated by the United States, Europe and Japan, is entering a new age of “multipolarized” structure with the advancement of BRICs and Middle Eastern countries. Japan should squarely face this situation and strengthen its presence in the new age. To ensure continued growth, the Showa Denko Group needs to have a more globalized viewpoint, accepting diverse languages, thoughts, values and cultures. I promise that each member of the Group will endeavor to enhance his/her capability through interconnections of these different elements.