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Showa Denko Carbon to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Showa Denko K.K.
June 30, 2008

--SDK Group’s Graphite Electrode Capacity Expanded to 105,000 MT/Y—

Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. (SDKC), a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) located in South Carolina, U.S.A., will celebrate its 20th anniversary tomorrow.

SDKC, a specialized manufacturer of graphite electrodes for electric steelmaking, was established in 1988 when SDK purchased the plant from Airco Carbon (member of the BOC Group, of U.K.). The Showa Denko Group has been in the graphite electrode business since 1938, operating a plant in Omachi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. With the addition of SDKC, which serves the North and South American markets, the Showa Denko Group has grown into a leading graphite electrode supplier in the world.

Through synergies between the Omachi Plant and SDKC, the Showa Denko Group has maximized production/distribution efficiency and established technical advantages, as demonstrated by its position as the first company in the world to produce the world’s largest 32-inch-diameter graphite electrodes.

Since its establishment, SDKC has been leading the industry in production efficiency, providing high-quality products in a large amount. SDKC has recently completed a series of debottlenecking, expanding its capacity to 45,000 MT a year (up 5,000 MT a year) to meet increasing demand. Compared with the initial production capacity of 28,700 MT in 1988, SDKC has increased its capacity by nearly 60% in the past 20 years. As a result, the Group’s total graphite electrode production capacity has reached 105,000 MT a year.

SDKC represented one of the first investments by Japanese companies in South Carolina. Makoto Murata, then SDK President, declared in his speech at the opening ceremony in 1988 that SDKC would “become a good U.S. corporate citizen.” SDKC will continue to grow and serve the local community in Ridgeville and the state of South Carolina.

A ceremony was held at SDKC on June 12, with the attendance of many distinguished guests.

The Showa Denko Group will continue to strengthen its graphite electrode business, which contributes to the protection of the global environment through recycling of iron resources and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

[An aerial view of SDKC]

[20th anniversary celebration]

(From left) SDK President Takahashi, delivering a speech; and R. Whitten, president of SDKC

[Profile of Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. (SDKC)]

President and CEO Robert C. Whitten
Location 478 Ridge Road, Ridgeville, South Carolina, U.S.A.
Establishment July 1, 1988
Capital US$50 million
Annual sales US$257 million
Shareholder Showa Denko K.K. (100%)
Number of employees 218


Built as South Carolina Works (SCW) of Airco Carbon
SDK purchased SCW and established SDKC.
SDKC increased its production capacity to 34,000 MT/Y.
(Current capacity: 45,000 MT/Y)

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