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SDK's Shanghai Representative Office Marks 10th Anniversary

Showa Denko K.K.
August 1, 2008

The Showa Denko Group's Shanghai Representative Office marks its 10th anniversary this month. The Group established the office in August 1998 mainly for the purpose of developing the Chinese market for its organic chemicals. With the dramatic growth of the Chinese economy in the subsequent years, the Group's business with China has steadily expanded, reaching a scale of around ¥60 billion in annual sales. The Group is now operating two representative offices and 12 companies in China.

In the area of electronics, the Group's businesses in China include: production of neodymium-based magnetic alloys (for use in magnets for motors of hard disk drives and hybrid cars); sale of semiconductor-processing specialty gases; and production and sale of equipment for adsorbing and decomposing after-use semiconductor-processing specialty gases (greenhouse gases).

In the fabricated aluminum business, the Group is producing car air-conditioner heat exchangers and aluminum cylinders for laser printers, supplying these products to Japanese firms operating in China. Regarding petrochemicals, the Group is manufacturing and selling unsaturated polyester compounds and vinyl ester resins in China, while exporting organic chemicals to China.

The Showa Denko Group is characterized by its unique combination of inorganic, aluminum and organic chemical technologies. The Group will accelerate the development of new products through interconnections of these technologies to meet the requirements of Chinese customers, thereby contributing to further economic growth of that country.

A ceremony to celebrate the 10th anniversary was held in Shanghai on July 8 with the attendance of many distinguished guests.

[CEO Takahashi delivering a speech at the ceremony]

[Neodymium-based magnetic alloys]

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