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SDK and Shoko to Establish ShodexTM Marketing JV in China

September 3, 2008

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) and its consolidated subsidiary Shoko Co., Ltd. (Shoko) will establish a joint venture in Shanghai, China in December to strengthen sales of high-performance liquid chromatography columns (trade name: ShodexTM). ShodexTM columns, produced by SDK for use in analysis of chemical substances in food/pharmaceuticals/agrochemicals and of water quality, have so far been sold in the Chinese market through Shoko. By establishing the new joint venture, SDK and Shoko will be able to better serve the Chinese market with improved technical support.

The columns-made of stainless steel or resin-are packed with spherical particles of polymers or silica. When a liquid sample is injected into the column, various substances of the sample, as separated by the packed particles, come out from the other end of the column one by one. SDK is strong in the production of polymer-based columns in which it is easier to change the particle surface to meet specific analytical purposes. Taking advantage of its chemical synthesis technology, SDK is offering more than 800 different kinds of polymer-based columns meeting customer requirements.

While SDK has so far been focusing on the big markets in the U.S.A. and Europe, the company has decided to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market where demand for analysis of residual agrochemicals in food is fast growing. The new joint venture will ensure better service to our customers in China.

The ShodexTM business is central to the Showa Denko Group’s life science operations. SDK is planning to quadruple the sales of ShodexTM products to ¥6 billion by 2015.


1. Outline of high-performance liquid chromatography columns

Applications include:
Analysis of substances contained in food or tap water; analysis of environmental pollutants; and analysis of substances in materials (for quality control and R&D purposes)

Customers include:
Quality control/analysis/R&D sections of corporations; R&D institutions of universities; and companies that conduct analyses on a contractor basis

2. Examples of ShodexTM columns

3. Outline of the joint venture

Name of company Not decided
Establishment Scheduled for December 2008
Location Shanghai
Capital US$500,000
Ownership SDK 51%; Shoko 49%
Scope of business Sale of high-performance liquid chromatography columns

For further information, contact:
Separation & Refining Materials Group, Specialty Chemicals Department, SDK
(Phone 81-44-329-0733)
Website: http://www.shodex.com/
Scientific Systems Department, Shoko (Phone: 81-3-3459-5104)
IR & PR Office, SDK (Phone: 81-3-5470-3715)