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SDK to Expand Fluorine Business by Acquiring U.K. Company

Showa Denko K.K.
September 25, 2008

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has reached agreement with Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (Asahi), Mitsubishi Corporation (Mitsubishi), and MITENI S.p.A. (MITENI) to purchase all the shares of their joint venture F2 Chemicals Limited (F2 Chemicals), of the United Kingdom.

Asahi, Mitsubishi, and Mitsubishi's Italian subsidiary MITENI are scheduled to transfer the F2 Chemicals shares to SDK on September 30.

F2 Chemicals, based in Preston, Lancashire, has sophisticated fluorine technologies, including electrolytic process for producing fluorine and cobalt-fluoride-based process for producing perfluorocarbons. The company also has a selective direct fluorination technology to replace any atom in a molecule of organic compounds with a fluorine atom by effectively controlling highly reactive fluorine gas.

SDK has so far expanded its operations in the area of IT chemicals, consisting of high-purity gases and photo-curing/thermo-setting resins for use in the production of semiconductors and displays. Demand for fluorine compounds, in particular, is expected to grow in the coming years for various applications, including the etching process for semiconductor production.

By combining F2 Chemicals' technologies with proprietary technologies, SDK will expand the lineup of fluorine compounds to further expand its IT chemicals business.

F2 Chemicals will retain its name after the acquisition. SDK will aggressively support F2 Chemicals in R&D and marketing of electronic materials, aiming to increase its annual sales by six times, to ¥4.5 billion in 2015. This acquisition will have only slight influence on SDK's consolidated business results for 2008.

[Profile of F2 Chemicals Limited]

Head office location Preston, Lancashire, U.K.
Chairman Takashizu Minato
Capital 11,125,000 pound sterling
Shareholders Asahi (51%); Mitsubishi (34%); MITENI (15%)
Scope of business Production and sale of fluorine compounds, including perfluorocarbons
Annual sales for 2007 Approx. 3.7 million pound sterling (approx. ¥700 million)
Established in 1992
Employees 33 (as of August 2008)

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