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SDK to Raise Price of ShoroxTM Glass Polishing Material

Showa Denko K.K.
September 29, 2008

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has decided to increase the selling price of ShoroxTM cerium-oxide-based abrasives by ¥180 per kilogram in dry fine particles and ¥60 per kilogram in slurries, respectively, as from November shipments, and started discussions with customers regarding this price increase.

ShoroxTM, made from rare earths from China, is used for high-precision polishing of glass substrates for LCDs and hard disk (HD) media.

Owing to the rise in the raw material cost, SDK raised the ShoroxTM prices in May 2008. However, the cost of rare earths has continued to soar, due partly to the reduction in issuance of export permits by the Chinese Government. Under the circumstances, SDK has concluded that it has no alternative but to again ask customers to bear part of the increased costs in order to ensure stable supply of ShoroxTM abrasives through stable procurement of raw materials.

Demand for cerium-oxide-based abrasives has been substantially growing in recent years in response to increased production of large-sized LCD TVs and glass-based HD media. Meanwhile, export volume of rare earths from China has been on the decline due to shutdowns of plants for environmental protection, growing domestic demand within China, and the Chinese Government's policy to impose stricter control on export. Thus, rare earth raw materials will be increasingly in tight supply and its cost could increase further.

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