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SDK and Fujitsu Sign Firm Contract on HD Media Business Transfer


April 30, 2009

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) and Fujitsu Limited (Fujitsu) today concluded a definitive contract on the transfer of Fujitsu’s hard disk (HD) media business, operated by Fujitsu subsidiary Yamagata Fujitsu Limited, to SDK in accordance with the MOU of February 17, 2009.

Based on this definitive contract, Fujitsu will establish a new company that will take over Yamagata Fujitsu’s HD media business. Fujitsu will then transfer all shares in the new company to SDK by July 1, 2009. SDK and Fujitsu will continue to cooperate in the establishment of the new company and smooth transfer of the HD media business.

Yamagata Fujitsu manufactures aluminum media for hard disk drives (HDDs) used in servers, and glass media for compact HDDs used in mobile PCs and car electronics. Through the acquisition of Yamagata Fujitsu’s HD media business, SDK will step up its development and production of aluminum media for servers. At the same time, SDK will meet the requirements of customers who have been using Yamagata Fujitsu’s HD media.

SDK will obtain HD-media-related R&D capabilities, manufacturing know-how, and intellectual property owned by Yamagata Fujitsu. SDK will merge these capabilities with its own technologies, aiming to soon realize the synergies.

The HDD/media market is expected to continue high growth centering on such applications as notebook PCs and digital electric appliances. Demand for high-storage-capacity HD media will also grow due to the introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting and increased sales of high-definition camcorders. Thus, SDK will continue developing quickly the next-generation magnetic-recording technology for larger-capacity HD media by merging Yamagata Fujitsu’s capabilities, centering on server applications, with its own advanced technologies.

As the world’s largest independent HD media supplier, SDK will continue developing and supplying large-capacity HD media to meet customer needs.

Overview of the new company (on and after July 1, 2009)

Company name Showa Denko HD Yamagata K.K.
Head office location Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Hideo Ichikawa (Director and Executive Officer, HD Sector, SDK)
Capital ¥450 million
Ownership To be owned wholly by SDK (After the establishment of the company by Fujitsu’s investment, all shares owned by Fujitsu will be transferred to SDK.)
Scope of business Development, production and sale of HD media
Number of employees Approximately 360


June 2009 Establish new company (scheduled)
July 1, 2009 Complete transfer of new company shares (scheduled)
Start operation (scheduled)

For further information, contact:
SDK: IR & PR Office (Phone: 81-3-5470-3235)
Fujitsu: Public and Investor Relations Division (Phone: 81-3-6252-2174)