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SDK Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary

Showa Denko K.K.
June 2, 2009

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has reached its 70th anniversary. The Company was established on June 1, 1939, through the merger of Showa Fertilizers K.K. and Nihon Electrical Industries K.K.
To celebrate this occasion, SDK has introduced a new brand mark, symbolizing its vision. We will use this mark in various business scenes to establish our brand image.

[New brand mark]

This mark represents strength—with readable and stable typeface—as well as originality—with a unique form of “S”—, expressing our determination to contribute to the sound growth of society through the provision of “only one” and “number one” products.

Showa Denko Blue is used in the letters “SHOWA” while navy blue, symbolizing high creativity, is used in the letters “DENKO.” In the portion where the letters “S” and “D” are overlapping, Passion Orange is used, symbolizing the driving force behind the activities of all officers and employees of the Showa Denko Group.
The current symbol mark, as shown below, will continue to be used.

Furthermore, SDK has published a book describing its founder Mr. Nobuteru Mori’s life and spirit (perseverance) and explaining the company’s history of developing wide-ranging technologies and products. The publication reflects our belief that all officers and employees should continue to have the passion for business and new development to realize the corporate vision.

Under the “Passion Extension” business plan for 2009 and 2010, SDK is laying the groundwork for sustainable growth, aiming to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

On the occasion of our 70th anniversary, we would like to again express our gratitude for the kind support of people inside and outside the Group. We will further promote the interconnections of inorganic, aluminum, and organic chemical technologies to establish individualized and competitive businesses, thereby earning the full trust and confidence of the market and society.

For further information, contact:
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