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SDK Publishes "CSR Report 2009"

Showa Denko K.K.
September 29, 2009

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has published a report detailing its wide-ranging activities based on the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The 62-page “CSR Report 2009” (A4 size, printed in color) explains how the Showa Denko Group is contributing to environmental protection.

Specifically, the CSR Report for this year contains feature articles as summarized below:

  • 1.Achievement of the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 6% from 1990 levels
    While the Group is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (2008-2012) by 6% from 1990 levels, it achieved a 7% reduction from 1990 levels in 2008.
    As a result of the installation of modern cracking furnaces at our petrochemical complex, a shift in fuel from heavy oil to natural gas, and installation of a GHG decomposition unit, we will be able to achieve reductions of 6% or more on the average during the commitment period without relying on emission trading.
    Furthermore, the Group has started preparing an action plan for GHG emission reductions in the post-Kyoto era. The plan focuses on drastic energy-conservation measures in production as well as radical changes in manufacturing processes and fuels/raw materials.
  • 2.Introduction of the Group’s environment-friendly products
  • 3.The Report introduces 13 types of products as typical examples of the Group’s environment-friendly innovative products developed through accumulation and integration of the Group’s individualized technologies.
    They include ammonia produced from recycled plastics (EcoannTM), LED chips to be used at plant growth facilities, and graphite anode material (SCMGTM) for lithium ion batteries to be used in electric vehicles.

The CSR Report 2009 is provided at SDK’s website (http://www.sdk.co.jp) in three different languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese. The Showa Denko Group is aiming to fulfill its social responsibility by enhancing corporate value and meeting all stakeholders’ expectations. The Group will continue managing its operations based on the principles of CSR.


Contents of CSR Report 2009 of the Showa Denko Group

Message from the Management
Special Features: Achieving a Sustainable Society
Highlights: In Preparation for the Next Medium-term Consolidated Business Plan; Strategic Concepts for 2011 and Thereafter
CSR Management
Social Commitment Report
Environmental and Safety Efforts

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