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New Year Message from CEO

January 4, 2010

New Year Message

Kyohei Takahashi
President and CEO

Let’s Work with Burning PASSION to Return to “Spiral of Growth”

This year marks the final year under the “Passion Project” medium-term consolidated business plan. In preparation for the launch of the next consolidated business plan, we must work this year to establish a strong profitability base in all business areas to cope with the severe economic environment since late 2008. While we have many tasks to accomplish, I would like to emphasize the following two points:

Strengthen Our Presence in China and Other Asian Countries

In view of the stagnant Japanese economy, we should naturally increase our presence in the international market to ensure our survival. We should in particular focus on the rapidly growing markets in China and Southeast Asia to expand our profitability base.

In addition to the economic vitality, we should share the enthusiasm for growth in these developing countries. Each member of the Showa Denko Group should also passionately pursue his/her own goals so as to ensure the Group’s return to the “spiral of growth.”

In this context, we have established a new office effective January 4 to supervise our operations in China. While we already have 18 operation sites in China, we need to further expand our operations in response to the rapid economic growth in that country. The China Office will strongly support these efforts.

Contribute to Society with Our Unique Eco-friendly Products and Technologies

As the world is entering into a “century of environment,” our Group will continue to make contributions by providing original products and technologies. Our graphite anode material SCMGTM and carbon nanotube VGCFTM are already established as materials for lithium ion batteries. Furthermore, our long-term R&D efforts are now bearing fruit in the form of ultrabright LED chips that emit the light with optimum wavelength for plant growth, and organic EL devices for next-generation white lighting applications.

We will continue to promote the interconnections of inorganic, aluminum, and organic chemical technologies to create new products and technologies that are possible only with our Group. We will provide such products and technologies to society, thereby contributing to the settlement of global environmental problems.

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