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New Year Message from CEO

As we launch the new business plan PEGASUS, we aim to soar to new heights of growth!

January 4, 2011

We achieved a V-shape recovery in our business results in 2010—the last year of Passion Extension—by promoting structural reform and strengthening profitability of our base businesses.

This year, we are launching our new medium-term consolidated business plan PEGASUS.

The business environment is undergoing big changes, reflecting the globalization of market due to fast economic growth in emerging countries and the world’s efforts to reduce impact on the environment.  Thus, to win in the international competition and establish ourselves as a “chemical company with strong presence on the global market,” the Showa Denko Group must further strengthen its business foundations through close collaboration of all members.

Under the new business plan, we will aggressively expand the HD media and graphite electrode businesses as the two wings of PEGASUS.  Furthermore, as the four legs of PEGASUS, we will fully utilize “stable base businesses,” “growth businesses,” “new growth businesses for the next generation,” and “strong R&D,” resolving various issues and building up strength in each business area.

In particular, we need to meet the growing need in Asia for semiconductor-processing high-purity gases, and for lithium-ion battery materials, for which the market is already starting up.  We also need to quickly build up such new businesses as silicon-carbide epitaxial wafers for power devices and organic EL devices for lighting.

I ask each member of the Group to carry out his/her own responsibility to ensure a good start of our new business plan PEGASUS.  I therefore propose a new interpretation of the abbreviation “SDK” for Showa Denko K.K.; namely, Subayaku (swift) Daitan-ni (daring) Kodo (action).

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