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SDK Publishes “CSR Report 2011”

Showa Denko K.K.
September 21, 2011

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has published a report detailing its wide-ranging activities based on the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR).  While posting a PDF-based full report on its website (/english/csr/library/report.html), SDK printed a special edition explaining its efforts to contribute to restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake.  This year, too, our CSR Report is provided in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

The special edition mainly covers the following items:

1.Special report: Contributing to Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake
This article explains how SDK’s Kawasaki Plant, which produces a variety of lifeline-related products, resumed operations after the earthquake and returned to normal conditions.  Detailed reports from the operation site are presented.

2.Efforts to Promote “Active Safety”
Since 2008, the Showa Denko Group has been carrying out its “Active Safety” program, in which respective operation sites share the knowledge of past incidents and take necessary measures to ensure safety for the future.  The article introduces some examples, focusing on our preparations for a big earthquake.

3.Contributing to Local Communities
The Showa Denko Group is contributing to the sound growth of society not only by supplying products and services but also by offering its technologies and human resources for the benefit of society.  This article explains the Group’s social contribution through the provision of chemical experiments, environmental education and plant tours.

Meanwhile, the PDF-based full report describes the Group’s CSR management system, and presents reports on its social commitment and environmental/safety efforts, together with detailed data.

The Showa Denko Group will continue managing its operations based on the principles of CSR.  The Group is aiming to fulfill its social responsibility by ensuring its coexistence with the global environment and contributing to sustainable development.


“CSR Report 2011” of the Showa Denko Group

[Special edition]
Our CSR Efforts: Toward Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake
A4 size, printed in color; 16 pages
Message from the Management
Special report: Contributing to Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Efforts to promote “Active Safety”
Promoting the Active Use of Diverse Human Resources
Contributing to Local Communities

[PDF-based full report]
CSR Management
Social Commitment Report
Environmental Efforts
Safety Efforts, etc.

Please visit the following websites:
Japanese: /csr/report/csr_report.html
English: /english/csr/report/csr_report.html
Chinese: http://www.showadenko.cn/pamphlet/csr2011.html


Cover of the Showa Denko Group’s “CSR Report 2011”  


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